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Many baby boomers are trying to fit exercise into their busy schedules. Fitness for baby boomers becomes more important as we get older. Some fitness regimes offer better results than others. look at what some are finding beneficial to their health.

Benefits of Swimming for the Baby Boomer Generation

The latest trend nowadays especially among the baby boomers is surprisingly, swimming. It is one form of exercise which is least strenuous but as effective as a full body workout in the gym!

Britian’s baby boomers left holding the baby | Mature Times

Britian’s baby boomers left holding the baby. 03/12/2009. The UK’s grandparents are saving parents just over £5 billion each year in childcare costs, a new research study reveals today. Nearly 6.1 million grandparents look after their …

Are the Latest Fitness Crazes Right for Baby Boomers?

Just turn on the TV and you’ll see that fitness and health are important topics with just about everyone these days. You can tell by all the fitness tips offered everywhere you turn. I think they’re more commonplace now because people …

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