Healthy Eating Habits: Keep Arthritis in Control

People who suffer from gout or arthritis are typically advised to make dietary changes to control their conditions. However, not many people know how to make these changes. Arthritis can be controlled by better overall eating habits. Arthritis requires that your diet should check the building up of toxins and acid waste in your body. After reading this article, you will know how to avoid this building of such toxins by incorporating certain foods on a daily basis with ease.

Keeping a Mediterranean Diet:

One of the most highly recommended eating habits for controlling arthritis as advised by doctors is the Mediterranean Diet. As its name suggests, the diet is comprised of food items that are popular in the Mediterranean. The diet consists of foods like olive oil, fish, vegetables, and whole grains. Protein rich chicken, shellfish, and dairy products are used in the diet.

How the Mediterranean Diet Works:

* Use olive oil for cooking over low heat as well as using it as a dressing over
* Eat shellfish and fish because seafood provides lean protein that
is good for people who have arthritis.
* With the Mediterranean diet, patients can consume lots of fruits
and vegetables.
* Consuming yogurt is good because it is full of active bacteria for better
* While eating bread products, try to choose whole grain products.

Fruit Juices: People suffering from arthritis should drink lots of pure fruit juices. Also, doctors suggest fruit juices to help a speedy recovery. Pineapple juice is wonderful in fighting arthritis, as it contains a chemical called bromelain. You can also drink juices from melons, apples, apricots and banana.

Garlic: Garlic is another effective method that helps controlling arthritis. It is
An anti-inflammatory agent that can be used in
Your every day diet – either in a raw form, or in vitamin capsules. Garlic
contains great analgesic properties that curb arthritis.

Other Suggested Alternatives:

Apart from the aforementioned eating and drinking habits and foods, you can try the
following alternatives that are supposed to be helpful in controlling

* Potato Juice: Potato juice that is diluted with water in a 50:50 ratio can work to
control arthritis. However, drink it in small measures, if on an
empty stomach.
* Alkaline Foods: Many alkaline foods are also considered valuable when
controlling arthritis. Alfalfa seed tea is highly recommended for
arthritis patients.
* Vitamins A & D: Vitamin A and vitamin D contribute their own efficiency in controlling arthritis. They help cleanse your body of infection. Vitamin D is
easily obtained from sunlight and Vitamin A can be obtained by food, such as

Now we hope that you learned how eating habits help maintain control over arthritis.
Healthy eating habits can help more than medicine to check your arthritis and go a long way in improving arthritis symptoms and its associated suffering.

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