Baby Boomers Profiting In New Economy

Baby Boomers Starting Over After 50 And Making A Profit

Dear Direct Response Reader; Bob Bly here for Hal Hoadley.
Think you’re too old to start a business? read on…

At what age are you too old to start an Internet marketing
business – or other new career or business?

I have thought at various times in my life (I am now 54) that
the cut-off age was 50 … 60 … or even 70.

There were two reasons I believed you’d reach a point where
starting over just wasn’t practical anymore.

The first, and lesser, was sheer age and lifespan: the idea that
when there are many more years behind you than ahead of you,
your time to enjoy the fruits of whatever labors you pursue is
too limited.

The second reason I believed there was a cut-off date for
starting a new career, learning a new trade, or launching a new
small business was lack of experience.

For instance, one of the many careers I considered in my youth
was the law. But years ago, I decided pursuing that was
impractical (not that I was really interested anyway; it was
more of a theoretical consideration).

Reason: say hypothetically you were to graduate law school at
age 45.

You compete against two groups.

The first is other 45-year-old lawyers who are the same age as
you – but have 20 years of law experience vs. your zero years.

The other group you compete against is your classmates. Like
you, they are new to the law.

But being in their 20s and single, instead of 45 and having a
mortgage and 3 kids in college, they can afford to work for
starting salaries too small to meet your needs.

However, actor Abe Vigoda has changed my mind about all this …
and my opinion today is that it is never too late to learn new
things, start a new business, switch careers, or go into a
different industry.

Abe Vigoda, if the name does not ring a bell, is the dour-faced
actor famous for playing the character Fish on the TV show
“Barney Miller.”

A few years ago, I read a short interview with Vigoda, who was,
at the time, still a working actor at age 87.

In it, I was reminded that Abe Vigoda’s big break was his first
movie, “The Godfather,” in which he played Sal Tessio.

Well, “The Godfather” was released in 1972. So if you do the
math, Abe Vigoda didn’t begin his movie acting career until he
was over 50.

More impressive is that, at age 87, Abe Vigoda – who, pardon me,
has a slightly cadaverous appearance that makes him look ready
for the Old Folks Home – was still a competitive handball player.

If Abe Vigoda can get his first movie role at over 50 – beating
out actors his age who had decades more credentials and
experience – then I am convinced that you and I can start a new
career or business at any age.

Yes, you may have some disadvantages over your younger
colleagues, peers, and competitors – including (possibly) less
energy, less flexibility, and less adaptability to new
technologies and methods.

Then again, maybe not. It depends on your personality – and your
circumstances. If you are a retired empty-nester, you may
actually have more time, freedom, and flexibility, not less.

On the other hand, if you are still working for a paycheck
because you have to and not because you want to, it may take a
greater degree of courage and fortitude to make any major
business, career, or life change.

As an older entrepreneur or career changer, you will likely have
some advantages over your competitors – such as greater life
experience and wisdom to draw upon when making decisions.

But I know from first-hand experience that 50 is not too old to
make a major change, and from that, I am guessing that your age
won’t stop you, either.

For example, I started a small online information marketing
business as I was closing in on my 50th birthday.

Today I earn a six-figure passive income selling information
products on the Internet, “working” less than an hour a day.

In my case, I kept my day job as a freelance copywriter and
still put in long hours on that.

But entering a new field – Internet marketing – has energized
and renewed me in a way I never thought possible.

If your gut tells you that you are ready for a change, you
probably are.

I close with this piece of wisdom from Milton Hershey, founder
of Hershey Chocolate:

“I have often been asked – What is the best age for producing? I
know only one answer, the age you are now.”


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