Increase Stamina and Blood Circulation with Yoga

There are several exercises to increase stamina and blood circulation, but nothing is as good as Yoga. Yoga, an ancient way of improving health essentially comprises of several poses or ‘Asanas’. The special breathing techniques involved in Yoga helps in building up stamina and significantly increase our endurance levels. Read on to know about some quick tips to increase your stamina and blood circulation with Yoga.

* Pranayama: When it comes to increase stamina and blood circulation through Yoga, nothing is comparable to Pranayama. It is a way of holding your breath to regulate the heart beat rate and blood pressure. There are different types of Pranayamas, and all of them aim to give you relaxation and increase your stamina as well as blood circulation.

* Oxygen Supply: Now, if you are wondering why is Yoga recommended for stamina gain, then here is the answer. Practicing Yoga helps ensuring a proper flow of blood to all the body tissues and this in turn helps ensuring proper oxygen supply and proper functioning of the heart. All this in return helps ensuring an overall good physical as well as mental health.

* Ignore The Weight Factor: To get the maximum benefits out of Yoga, try to ignore the weight factor. Just remind yourself that your main aim is to increase your stamina and blood circulation and not to lose weight. This reminder will keep you going and when you will be regular in doing Yoga, you will also see reduction in your weight as well.

* Helps In Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the time when an expecting mother needs both stamina and good blood circulation to carry the baby inside her womb. However, doing other exercises might prove fatal, this is where Yoga comes as a blessing. ‘Asanas’ in Yoga are not hard for pregnant ladies and they can easily do them and stay fit and fine with good stamina and blood circulation. Moreover, with Yoga, pregnant ladies can feel confident and fresh.

* Emotional Uplift: Another benefit of Yoga is to get an emotional uplift. The exercises or poses in Yoga help reducing mental stress and illness, thereby uplifting the emotional strength in the best possible way. In fact, Yoga helps eliminating all the negative and pessimistic thoughts from the mind, making way for positive thoughts.

* Complementary Diet: To get the maximum benefits out of Yoga for an increase in stamina and blood circulation, pay attention to what you eat. You will lose half of the benefits of Yoga if you don’t intent to stick to a diet that helps gaining more results from Yoga. Try to avoid junk foods and other foods that will again accumulate toxins in your body, instead go for natural and organic food to get the most out of Yoga.

So, now we assume that you know how Yoga helps increasing stamina and blood circulation. Those who wish to reduce those extra pounds can try doing other exercises along with Yoga to see the double impact. The best thing about Yoga is that it has no side effects.

Baby Boomers: Challenges for Boomer Women

Moving from one phase of life to another can never be something that can be achieved without facing some emotional ups and down. Such aspects of reality can be full of confusion and tend to overwhelm an individual to the extent where he or she might breakdown. Navigating transitions in later life can be confusing, overwhelming and frightening.

What has brought you to such a point? It could be retirement, or a change in environment and work, the unfortunate demise of a loved one or even a broken relationship. Such changes can take a great toll on the mind and body, where in most situations might even tear a strong willed person to shreds. This is a time in your life when major changes are taking place and your life is adjusting as a result. Changes may be related to the relationships in your life, to your surroundings, to your work life, or to your health – physical, mental and emotional. But the change that would take place is not because of the adverse challenges presented by the times but rather the choice and the decision of the individual in face of those challenges. Know that you are in full control of your life and the reigns of destiny are within your hands.

It is not wrong to be afraid or even anxious. Courage, after all, is not in the absence of fear by knowing them, understanding them and eventually overcoming them. It’s a lot easier than it sounds once you get used to it. Know this phase of uncertainty is temporary and will soon come to pass before you even know it. It just takes a bit of time in getting used to it.


This is where the stimulus has come in sight and starts the process of the change and leads to some of the most intense feelings you might experience. The stimulus could be triggered by a particular event or situation, a change in environment or perhaps even a choice you considered best for the time. Yes, you will be hassled with intense feelings day and night and find many a furrows on your brow so deep you feel that it might etch there permanently. You might fell lost and spend most of time stressed and worried question every bit within you. Stop worrying, take a pen and paper and chalk it out. Find a way to keep yourself occupied or even find a channel which will let you express and communicate your individuality. In a short while, you would feel a lot better.

Setting the Mold

This is where you take a bit of time for yourself and make most of it in thought and self reflections. It is simply a retreat meant to gain back the balance within you in the form of your emotional equilibrium. Vent it out, if you feel like crying, let the tears fall. If you feel like isolating yourself in order to meditate, take the step forward. Let it out and take care of yourself. Take your time but don’t be harsh on yourself. Being derogatory or even critical about yourself won’t do you any good. Instead, take the time to heal and mediate.


This is where you set the plans in motion and face a new life. Call it a new beginning, and there is no looking back. Yesterday is behind you and now a beautiful memory. It is time to face the brightness of today and hold your ground and wait for it all to pick up. Just a brand new day, there would be many new thoughts, many possibilities and many opportunities. Simply take the time to reason and follow through with the judgment you feel works best for you. Eventually you would find yourself balancing it all out and looking forward to toast again to life.