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As the population gets older and the baby boomers enter retirement, elliptical trainers will become increasingly more popular. Elliptical machines will allow intense full body exercise routines to be conducted with relative safety. … It does take a little getting used to the change in motion but it does allow you to do a good aerobic workout when your knees are sore. In fact some physical therapist use elliptical trainers as part of their recovery programs. …


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Over 500 baby boomers were surveyed (half were women and half were men). The results of the survey confirmed what was of utmost important to baby boomers — weight loss, maintaining and improving physical health, and exercising regularly. … Many beginners make that mistake, only to give up when they get an injury, feel pain, or get burned out a week or two into the workout regime. Start “low and slow” to allow yourself an opportunity to develop a new habit you can stick …

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Baby boomers and their adult children are researching in ever– growing numbers the results of studies that have consistently shown that increased exercise and the use of so-called “brain games” help reduce the effects that aging has on our memory … We enter into various realms and stages involving memory loss naturally as we age, but the latest research has shown that various brain exercises can help strengthen the brain just as physical exercise strengthens the body. …


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Improving Mental Performance

The world is full of wise and smart people and many of us often wonder what sets them apart. In reality they are not much different from us, just that they are able display a greater degree of mental performance as compared to their peers. We all want to be intelligent and excel more than others and this is possible only when we can improve our mental performance. Let us know explore the ways through which an increased mental performance can be achieved.

* Adequate Sleep: First of all, make sure to have adequate sleep in order to perform well mentally. A single night of short sleep can lead to a disturbed mind on the next day. Whether you believe it or not, it is during the sleep time, when our brain relaxes and gathers energy for a proper functioning in the next day. At least, sleep for 6 to 7 hours a day to give proper rest to your brain for a better mental performance.

* Wake Up With Freshness: Apart from an adequate sleep, it is essential to wake up with freshness. The sleep should be such that the next day you get up with freshness to complete your goals. A calm and hassle free sleep is the secret of good mental performance. Moreover, when you wake up with a fresh mind you will be able to give in your best shot towards your targets.

* Ward Off Negative Memories: The most important factor that helps enhancing mental performance is warding off all the negative memories from the mind. We all tend to have some past negative experiences or memories and they remain hidden in our brain and heart for ages. The challenge is to ward off such memories to make space for fresh and happy memories. Once, you will be able to delete all the negative memories from your brain, you will be able to improve your mental performance at a remarkable rate.

* Brainstorming: Mental performance can also be improved by brainstorming. Try to think of something and relate it to other things that are required to fulfill it. Ultimately, you will end up getting a rough plan of what needs to be done in order to achieve what. Once, this plan is ready, you will yourself see your mental performance shooting up.

* Exercising: Another way of improving your mental performance is exercising. Remember, that a simple activity like a walk of about 30 minutes regularly helps boosting the mental performance. This is due to the good amount of oxygen supplied to brain when we walk or indulge in any physical exercise. Moreover, exercising helps vanishing our lazy attitude and makes us active.

* Proper Meals: Lastly, proper meals are a must for a proper mental performance. Never try to avoid your meals and make sure to have them on time. In fact, the best way is to eat five small meals after short intervals to supply the body and mind with the required nutrients. When we eat in large quantities, our body as well as brain has to labor a lot in order to digest it, resulting in poor mental performance.

Increase Your Memory

Do you think you are forgetting things from your mind? Is your boss blaming you for forgetting important tasks? Are your family members worried about your careless attitude? Then, you definitely need to increase your memory. A number of people, due to a variety of reasons tend to have a weak memory and don’t remember things they ought to remember. However with the tips and ideas mentioned below on can quickly increase their memory.

* Meditate: First most effective way to increase your memory is to meditate. Can be done without anyone’s help, meditation is all about deep breathing and visualization. Meditation in fact is one of the best ways to increase concentrations and memory. It helps focusing the mind and sharpening the memory.

* Proper Food & Rest: Remember, we are what we eat. In other words, the type of food we eat has a direct effect on our mind. Along with the right food, proper rest is essential for the proper functioning of brain. Eat foods that are rich in Omega 3, DHA and proteins. Try to avoid caffeine as well as alcohol, as both these effect our concentration.

* Learn With Repetition: Then, there is a way to sharpen the memory with repetition. Try to repeat sentences often to remember them without fail. It is in fact, a way to cure short-term or long-term memory loss. Those people who forget names of people, whom they know, need to repeat their names several times so that they don’t forget them. You can also click photos of people you associate with in order to remember them always without forgetting them.

* Be Attentive: Being attentive is yet another way of increasing the memory. Try to learn to be attentive in events and activities in which you participate as a participant or as an audience. Try to make mental notes of the details of the event so that you have the summary in mind without any failure. Believe it or not, being attentive helps sharpening the mind’s concentration.

* Fun Techniques: Memory can also be enhanced using some fun techniques. Sounds funny isn’t? But it is true, you can increase your memory in fun ways too. Try to adopt a familiar tune or rhyme to remember some facts in mind. The moment you will hear a particular tune, your mind will automatically remember the information. Then, there are some fun games that you can try to enhance your memory. Just play such games with your kids and give them enjoyment and side by side increase your memory.

* Overcome Distractions: People with weak memories can also improve theirs by overcoming the distractions, whatsoever that come in their way. They need to figure out what distracts them from keeping some facts and information in their mind. They also need to have a proper control of their thoughts in order to overcome their distractions.

Just try to follow the above-mentioned ideas and see how you increase your memory effectively and impress everyone around who used to blame you for forgetting things and information.