Baby Boomers: Eye Care Tips

The human body is an epitome of natures’ ability to create life. With each body organ sitting perfectly where it ought to be, the human body is nothing short of a marvel. As excellent a creation the body is though, it can also become a home for diseases if proper care is not a focus throughout life, especially in later years. And like any other organ, the eyes, too, require both physical and nutritional care. Although every organ has its own importance, our eyes are definitely one of the most important parts of our body.

As we reach the age of the 50s and 60s, our bodies start to show signs of aging, if not before that time. One of the first organs to show signs of aging among humans are the eyes. Now note that during this age group, during the 50s and 60s years of age, the baby boomer generation is also facing various eye problems that can easily be avoided if certain eye care tips are followed. This article will list some useful tips that can allow a baby boomer to live with a healthy set of eyes to enjoy life to the fullest.

* Vitamin Diet: Vitamin is an essential nutrient for the functioning of our body. While vitamin C helps in strengthening the immune system of our body, vitamin D and B complex are required for functioning of various other organs. Vitamin A is required by the human eyes to helps maintain a hail and healthy sight. Found in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food like papaya, fish, cilantro, eggs and milk.

* Wash Your Eyes: Unlike our ears and nose, our eyes are not covered with hair that prevents dust and dirt from entering. Although we do have eyelids, they are not competent enough for stopping external impurities from entering our eyes. Eye specialists specially advise their patients to regularly wash their eyes with cold water in order to attain a clean, impurity free view. Even though you will wash your eyes, you are advised not to overdo it as doing so can lead to friction in eyes.

* Relaxing Exercises: Constant work and stress can lead to tired eyes. There are many relaxing exercises for eyes that can help you regain the fresh and young feel in your eyes. One such popular exercise that would definitely help you with relaxing your eyes is closing your eyes and rubbing the eyelids in a slow and gentle manner with your palms.

To relax the surrounding muscles of your eyes, you can close your eyes and try to look at a distant place. After doing this for about 9-10 second, open your eyes while still looking at a distance. Now slowly, shift your focus to an object that is kept nearby. Do this 3-4 times a day to get a rejuvenated feeling in your eyes.

* Work in Light: Students as well as adults tend to read/work in insufficiently lit rooms. Doing so puts stress on eyes as the retina has to absorb more light. Continuously working in low lit rooms will not only put stress on your eyes but will also increase the chances of myopia or other disorders.
Baby boomer or not, every individual needs to take good care of his or her eyes in order to enjoy the visual beauty of nature.