Baby Boomers: Improving Your Lifestyle

It is a time for us baby boomers to look back and see the years we have worked and achieved all we could. This a time for self reflection and giving thought towards the horizon ebbing in the distance. By now, we know who we are and we know where we came from. All that remains is to understand where we are headed. Life has been challenging so far seeing our dreams fade, lingering or prolonging illnesses and the unfortunate deaths of those around us. But the road ahead need not be grave and if you look carefully, you might find a dream beckoning you to reach out and touch the stars.

Here on and forth, every moment is precious and every second could be a passing opportunity. If you take some time, you could find everything you desire be it a mental or physical exaltation or even a spiritual quest of understanding and self realization. Not only would there be a reason to smile but what better way of improving on the health and happiness of everyone around you.

Firstly, there is no point in looking back over life and musing on the memories and regrets. What is done is done and nothing can bring that time back. Now is what matters the most and thinking about age or considering the end can never be production. Denial of any sort always brings out the worst. Below are a few points which can be taken into consideration to improve on and bring a glorious change to your lifestyle.


Post–retirement is the time where you can consult a physician and know where you can improve on in terms of your health. Shrugging it away and leaving it for tomorrow or the next Saturday would get you nowhere. Now is the time where you can make a significant change to your health and make the call. Talk to the specialist freely, get a full check up and know the areas where you can work on. Consult him about a healthy and balance diet and follow it with as much resilience as you can muster.


If you have habits which involve smoking, drinking or even drinking coffee; this is the moment where you can cut back. Quitting might be difficult and you might find yourself grumpy and irritable, but try and cut back slowly. You might say that you are not addicted but cutting back on these stimulants is the first way of taking the reigns of your life back into your hands. Make resolutions and try keeping them. Apart from that, find ways to occupy yourself. Reading is a good way as books are the windows to pure knowledge and wisdom. It gives a great insight to the depth within you while you understand the learning of giants and sages. If you like, become a connoisseur of tea, wine or art and culture.


If you can, explore the world around you. It does not need to be far off exotic lands, though if you are financially able, you might consider a few destinations rich in thought and culture. However at the very least, a walk in the park a few miles from home for an hour or two would do. Art galleries, museums, libraries or even interactive clubs would make for a great adventure. Or join Yoga classes or learn ball-dancing, anything that grabs your fancy as not only would provide relaxation but it would do well for the health too. If you are religious; try and visit those pious harbors of devotion and notice the serenity it offers, be it a church, monastery or temple.