Baby Boomers Exercise To Reduce Stress

Living in California, nearly all my life, I got used to many advantages other states don’t have. You can go to the beach and scuba dive or snorkle in the morning and in around two hours you can be in the mountains playing in the snow. California has beautiful hiking trails, biking lanes, roller skating at the beach, mountains to explore, all in a couple hours drive. Another trend you will notice in California is that there seems to be three to four fitness facilities in every town.
Many television and movie celebrities live in California, especially in the southern part of the state. We see them in stores, restaurants, shopping malls and at the beach. They are slim, physically fit and portray a wonderful lifestyle with their expensive cars and huge homes. When they aren’t making movies or appearing on a TV show, you see them promoting products for a better lifestyle. Many celebrities promote health foods, exercise equipment, fitness clubs, diet plans and tote the advantages of buying Gold.
You would think with all this promotion of exercise, eating healthier and fitness programs, for young and old, that Californians would be in great physical and mental shape. Oooh, now consider this scary fact: California has been ranked as the 41st fattest state in the United States.
The CDC’s Behavoiral Risk Factor Surveillance System data of 2005-2007, shows the golden state’s three-year average of obesity in the adult population was 23.1 percent. The fattest state was Mississippi at 31.6 percent and the thinnest state was Colorado at 18.4 percent.
And if you think it couldn’t get any worse, in 2007, 59 percent of adults in California were considered overweight or obese.
People feel discouraged as they age, many think they are getting old, when you can reverse the aging process with nutrition, exercise and good mental health. Baby boomers should be able to walk a flight of stairs without getting winded, you should be able to lift groceries out of your car, lift your children and grandchildren off the floor and carry them around. You should be able to run, walk, bicycle, go hiking in the mountains, lift weights and swing a baseball bat or play volleyball.
People today are living longer and they want to be active and they want to be healthier. Put a plan together today for yourself and stick with it. Start out with something small and build upon that exercise. You can begin with walking, bicycling, lifting weights and playing games with your family. If you’re having difficulty getting started, find someone who can inspire and encourage you to keep motivated. You must set goals for yourself. The reasons you should be working out are obvious to some but not all. I work out because of the love for my family, myself and the people around me. Something that I’ve noticed when working out with memebrs of my family is the unity we have together. We get to know each other a little better and at the same time many great memories occur. So, keep doing a little each day and stay off the couch.

Baby Boomers: Strength Training Can Help

Fitness and health is more of a concern now than it was a couple of decades back. Even though it is quite easy for a youngster to perform exercises to maintain his/her physique, it is the elderly who need to perform exercises that can provide them with physical fitness without physical exertion. Presently in their late 40s, 50s and 60s, the elderly of today are regarded as the baby boomers and belong to a generation that practically changed the world to make it what it is now. Born between 1946 to 1964, baby boomers are regarded as the ‘lucky ones’ who are not only responsible for creating history but are also the ones who have watched some of the real changes happen in real-time.

If you too are a baby boomer or know someone who is a baby boomer, you can definitely be searching for exercise options that would allow you to maintain a healthy physique. This article will provide you with some useful information on strength training techniques that are helpful for baby boomers generation to gain a healthy body and mind.

Being regarded as some of the most influential people of our century, baby boomers constitute nearly one fourth of the world’s population and own almost eighthly percent of the total financial assets. Known for their rebellious behavior, baby boomers have always wanted to do something different in life and they are still looking forward of doing that only. Take a visit to any fitness center and you will find people in their 40s, 50s and even 60s sweating it out for a great physique. Having a good physique not only elevates the health of an individual, it also makes a person feel good about himself or herself.

Strength training is a new fitness mantra that has all the baby boomers going crazy over it because of the various benefits it promises to impart its users with. By strengthening muscles and giving definition to the limbs, strength training is something that does not only provides excellent physical health but is also effective as a way to look younger with lean muscles.

Strength training will provide you with increased flexibility and endurance; it will also enable baby boomers to enjoy an active lifestyle with full energy. As it helps in the strengthening of bones, strength training also helps people with diseases like osteoporosis. Human body has the ability to gain strength at any age. Even though the ability of the human body to create new muscles deteriorates with age, baby boomers can use health and medical supplements that can allow them to gain that extra set of muscles for a healthy and great looking body.

Rightly said, strength is equivalent to the level of fitness in your body and the feeling of youth. Because of all these benefits of strength training, it is not that hard to imagine why baby boomers all over the world are turning to this type of training because of the strength, stamina and flexibility results that it can provide to its users.