Baby Boomers: Usefulness of Tea For Maintaining Health

There are many of you who might identify with a generation known as the baby boomers. No, it is not about age or even any stereotypical process of thought. It is more about doing something with a difference once you understand it a little better. And lately you might be pondering about how you can make a difference in your life and health. There are a few nuances in life which we can all avoid with a bit of thought and consideration.

Some common ailments that typically affect baby boomers include cardiovascular ailments, diabetes and even cancer. These ailments are major killers prevalent in today’s society afflicting almost every other family as a reason of woe and worry. All of them are closely related to lifestyle and aging and create havoc in the life of an individual. Triggers can be varied from stress, lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol or nicotine or caffeine abuse.

A proper diet which balances all the necessary nutrients and a bit of roughage combined with a good amount exercise is definitely beneficial. Research has shown that this measure along with tea is even better. Tea has all the properties which prove to improve health and slow down the processes of aging by working as through active antioxidants. Not only does tea refresh the body and mind, but it also helps with good body weight and helps you fight off many nasty ailments which are common to aging. Apart from that, tea also works as a stress buster and works wonders in relaxing and calming the mental processes.

Why Tea?

The best resolution you can make this year is to switch from coffee to tea. It’s highly recommended as one of the best ways to work towards building a better health. Black tea made of Darjeeling, Oolong, Ceylon or even green tea leaves gives the distressing agent Theanine, which is a kind of amino acid and works wonders for the mind. Moreover tea contains less caffeine, the addictive stimulant which usually the affects the heart, liver and kidneys quite adversely. Some herbal teas which are simply out of the world in flavor and essence usually contain no caffeine at all.

Benefits of Tea

1. Low Caffeine to stave off addiction.

2. Reduces body fat.

3. Antioxidants reduces the risk of cancers and cardio vascular ailments.

4. Helps in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and blood pressure.

The best part about tea comes from the fact that there are so many varieties of promising flavors, treating taste buds, which appeals to the connoisseur in all of us, Apart from that, tea makes for a great beverage because it can be easily enjoyed even without a single spoon of sugar which makes it even better for those prone or suffering with diabetes. A few cups of tea is something we all can look forward to in our days with each moment making a memory for some of the most enchanting conversations in our live with family and friends.