Healthy Stress Relief Using Natural Methods

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If you need healthy ways to reduce and control your stress levels, you probably know there are hundreds of methods available that will be suggested. However, not all of these techniques are effective or practical to complete. Below are some simple stress relieving techniques that can be done easily, or with just the minimum amount of practice.

1. Deep Breathing – when stress levels are quite high and you need to keep control of your emotions, you can use deep breathing to calm yourself down and keep it together. Deep breathing methods are proven to provide more oxygen to your brain and increase oxygenation of blood allowing your brain to better control your feelings. In addition, it will cause your muscles to relax. The greatest benefit of deep breathing is that you can do it anywhere, at anytime and it acts immediately to reduce stress quickly.

2. Meditation – Meditation takes deep breathing and combines it with focused thought. Instead of merely inhaling and exhaling, meditation makes your thoughts focus positively. Your brain functions as it normally would when you are sleeping, but with additional benefits. Meditation allows hormones to be released that tackle emotional stress well. Furthermore, when you focus on positive thoughts, your brain stops running through negative ones and stress levels slowly decline.

3. Imagery – Deep breathing and meditation work for some people and can be put into practice instantly, imagining imagery takes more time to learn. You need to dream up positive images to couple with positive thought for maximum effect, relaxing your body and mentally allowing stress to melt away. Nature sounds or scented candles may help you achieve this in your practice, and develop the best imagery.

4. Visualization Techniques – Imagery focuses on positive thoughts and relaxing images; visualization is about visualizing yourself doing positive things in your life. When you can see yourself overcoming a problem, or doing well at work, it helps make it a reality. If your goal is to spend time with family or for self improvement, like losing weight, visualization can help with that, too. Many people also believe that visualization as a physical practice help improve performance in the areas you visualize positive improvement.

5. Exercise – Many people exercise to maintain a healthy weight or get in better physical shape. However, exercise is also a valid way to manage stress. Exercise can help indirectly as a distraction from negative thoughts and feelings at home or work, but also acts as a physical upper by releasing hormones called endorphins that make you feel good, as well as help to relax and reduce stress.

6. Music – when you are under a lot of stress or pressure, listening to instrumental or soft music can affect you to reduce anxiety levels. The right types of music can lower blood pressure, help relax your muscles and keep your mind calm.

7. Yoga – Yoga takes a bit of practice and instruction to master as a stress relief remedy, but this mechanism combines deep breathing, meditation, and imagery, making it super effective to release stress.

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Healthy Stress Relief: Top Home Remedies

Most people aim for a happy, relaxed and uncomplicated life. However, all good things must change and grow, so it is not possible to go through life without stress from time to time. In fact, some anxiety is necessary to push us to do the best we can. We just have to check that we do not let stress consume or overwhelm us, because that is counterproductive. Here are some home remedies to reduce stress and enjoy yourself more.

*Identify people that make you relax and can spend time with to feel better and help you shed off stress. People to turn to can be colleagues, friends and of course family. Most people understand the pressures of anxiety and would try to help, or lend an ear and some understanding to your anxieties.
* A lot of times we develop anxiety because of the way we perceive a situation and feel helpless or frustrated, causing stress levels to rise. Developing a way to get feelings and emotions under control is necessary to work at because you cannot control every situation or circumstance. Your reactions to the situations are important in controlling stress. Working at having control over your emotions make matters, like work and relationships, is key to success with them. A drastic change might be necessary if you are still left feeling highly anxious.
* There’s a saying that “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”  This means that a person who is not active will not be happy with who they are and leave themselves open to negative activities and thoughts. For example, suffering from low self-esteem may make you anxious or incapable of solving the smallest problems. Activities that are good for your body and mind are things like working out, or volunteering your time with an organization. You will feel better and less stressed about yourself and life direction.
* Reducing the amount of caffeine and general stimulants in your food, like coffee or soda can make a difference in your stress and anxiety. These items tend to make you crave them, and when you can not have them, your body feels stressed. This is even more true for smoking and alcohol effects.
* When someone is happy, a natural smile lights up your entire face.  If you try smiling while you are feeling down it can actually make you feel better. To help distract yourself from your bad mod and smile, watch a funny movie, read a comic or go through photographs where you are smiling. Laughing and smiling are proven to induce chemical changes in your body to help relax and restore a sense of feeling good.
* Working out is a great way to boost your body and mind. It is not necessary you run a marathon, or something drastic, to experience the benefits of exercise. Exercising 20 minutes, 3 times a week will help improve the way you feel. Simple tasks like jogging, walking, swimming or biking are great cardio.

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