Baby Boomers: Arthritis

Even though it has already been established that the baby boomer generation is facing health issues, a recent study has shown that arthritis is one such disease that is bothering the baby boomer generation the most. A widely prevalent disease, arthritis is a common term that is used by doctors to represent many diseases that cause problems related with joints. Affecting around 40 million Americans, arthritis is recognized with stiffness, pain and swelling in joints.

A great percentage of the baby boomer generation is suffering from arthritis as compared to the generation before it. While medical practitioners and researchers do not have an exact answer behind the effect of arthritis on baby boomers, many believe that the hectic lifestyle and obesity is one of the mean reasons behind high rate of arthritis in baby boomers.

While poverty and lower income groups still existed, baby boomer generation is mostly a rich generation that is reported to have been holding more than seventy percent of the worlds’ asset. With a generation so rich, it would not be the fluke of imagination to believe that these people worked hard and partied harder. It is because of this lifestyle that baby boomers are also known to be effected with obesity which increases the chances of arthritis. Being obese for a long time, baby boomers are not only susceptible to arthritis but also have a great risk of other diseases associated with obesity like heart problems, liver failure and diabetes.

A major reason behind the obesity of baby boomer generation is because of the fact that this generation got an earlier start with obesity. This came as a surprise because it has been earlier believed that the baby boomer generation has been provided with better nutrition and increased health awareness through their lives.

Many now believe that most packaged foods and fast food offering which became popular few decades back are the primary cause of this increased obesity. Many in the baby boomer generation where the initial flag bearers of global economy where home cooked meals are a luxury and fast food, much of it rich in calories, has become the norm. Quite expectedly some of them have become victims of their own lifestyle and eating choices.

A recent study also found that as obesity rose from 3 to 18 percent between 1971 and 2002. The rise of arthritis cases along with the rise in obesity in this period is a clear indication of the fact that obesity is connected in some way or the other with arthritis.

Facing arthritis is not an easy task. Coping with arthritis needs confidence and the motivation to never give-up. Regular exercise, that is meant specially to be performed by people who are dealing with arthritis not only benefits baby boomers with arthritis patients, it is also useful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Last but not the least, one must make it a point to visit a specialist doctor for treatment and diligently follow the advice that the doctor suggests.